Software listed on the downloads page falls into three categories:

  1. BCOE provided - Requires BCOE account
    • BCOE account are available to BCOE students 
      Note: CS students are supported by CS Systems not BCOE Systems
    • BCOE account are available to UCR students once officially enrolled 
    • BCOE account are available to Extension students once officially enrolled
  2. UCR provided - follow UCR guidelines (
  3. Freeware - refer to individual software licenses

Access to BCOE software requires VPN access and an Engineering account in good standing (CS students).

Software Center is an application that can install BCOE provided/approved software on Engr domain computers.

Laptop questions/problems - Our student help desk located in Bourns A346 / provides assistance, with vpn, software installs or general laptop issues related to school work free of charge.

Software Download Page