SolidWorks is a 3D mechanical CAD (computer-aided design) program that runs on Microsoft Windows and is being developed by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, S. A. (Vélizy, France). SolidWorks is currently used by over 2 million engineers[3] and designers at more than 165,000 companies worldwide.

Installation of SolidWorks: 3D CAD Design Software

Windows PC Instructions

Open Windows Update under the Control Panel and install all available updates besides language packs and the Bing updates (Bing updates are okay but not required).

NOTE: Solidworks requires Windows 8 or newer. Windows 8 and 10 are available at the Help Desk.

Download the Package:

SolidWorks 2021

SolidWorks 2020

  1. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded solidworks2019.7z package.

  2. Extract the SolidWorks package, you will need 7zip or a similar extraction utility to do this.

  3. Run "startswinstall.hta" which is located inside the folder you extracted, it is an html application

  4. Click ‘Install SOLIDWORKS products now’ which will open up the setup wizard and start the installation process.

  5. To run SolidWorks, make sure you are connected to a UCR network, Campus VPN or the Engineering VPN.


If you find that your SolidWorks installer is showing up blank, then you will need to follow the steps below to resolve the issue and ensure SolidWorks installs correctly.

  1. Browse to the downloaded installation file location <downloads>\sldim\lang\english\HTML\

  2. Right-click on the frameset.html and select properties from the shortcut menu

  3. If an Unblock button is present in the properties dialog then select it (see image below).

  4. Repeat this process for other HTML files in the folder if they are blocked

If you receive an error about .Net Framework 4 while installing SolidWorks, you need to install it.

• Microsoft offers a download for .Net Framework 4 which you will need to download and install if it is not already installed on your computer. After this is done, restart the SolidWorks install.