PRO/II is a steady-state process simulator (process simulation) for process design and operational analysis for process engineers in the chemical, petroleum, natural gas, solids processing, and polymer industries. It includes a chemical component library, thermodynamic property prediction methods, and unit operations such as distillation columns, heat exchangers, compressors, and reactors as found in the chemical processing industries. It can perform steady state mass and energy balance calculations for modeling continuous processes.

Installation of PRO/II

There is no Mac OS X version of PRO/II, only Windows.

Installation for Windows PC Instructions

  1. Download the Windows Package for version 10.2 here
  2. Extract the PRO/II package, you will need 7zip or a similar extraction utility to do this.
  3. Navigate to the PRO/II folder that you extracted.
  4. Run setup.exe
  5. Pro II may ask you install some components, select install and keep selecting next.
  6. When prompted, choose typical setup type, default UOM ‘English-Set1’
  7. Change Security type to FNP 11.14.
  8. Set the Flexnet License Server:
  9. When install finishes, run Setup-Patch.exe and when prompted select Update.
  10. To run PRO/II, you need to be connected to the engineering VPN server.

If you receive the following error, then the Security Type or License Server was not properly set during initial setup.

To fix this, make sure you are connected to the engineering VPN server.

  1. In the Windows Start Menu search Licensing Management Tool
  2. For installed products, select Pro/II
  3. The Security Type should be set as FNP1114
  4. FNP standard and TOKEN license server(s) should be set to
  5. Apply these setting and selectOK
Pro/II will now work properly.