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ANSYS is a simulation software enables organizations to confidently predict how your products will operate in the real world. ANSYS offers a comprehensive software suite that spans the entire range of physics, providing access to virtually any field of engineering simulation that a design process requires.

Toolboxes: a_spaceclaim_catv5, a_spaceclaim_dirmod, aa_ds, aa_mcad, aa_r, aa_r_hpc, aa_t_a, afsp_gui, afsp_optigrid, afsp_viewmerical, aice_mesher, aice_opt, aice_pak, aice_solv, aiiges, aim_mp1, al4allegro, al4ansoft, al4apd, al4boardstation, al4cadvance, al4cds, al4expedition, al4first, al4gem, al4generic, al4odb++, al4powerpcb, al4virtuoso, al4zuken, ansoft_distrib_engine, designer_hspice, electronics_desktop, electronics2d_gui, electronics3d_gui, electronicsckt_gui, emit_legacy_gui, emit_solve, ensemble_25_sim, filter_synthesis, hfss_solve, hfss_transient_solve, hfsshpc, hfsssbr_solve, m2dfs_qs_solve, m2dfs_solve, m3dfs_qs_solve, m3dfs_solve, maxwlspc, nexxim_ami, nexxim_dc, nexxim_eye, nexxim_hb, nexxim_netlist, nexxim_osc, nexxim_tran, nexxim_tvnoise, optimetrics, pemag, pexprt, rmxprt_bcm, rmxprt_ecm, rmxprt_im, rmxprt_sym, savant_legacy_gui, si2d_solve, si3d_solve, simplorer_advanced, simplorer_control, simplorer_CProgrInterface, simplorer_gui, simplorer_LibSMPS, simplorer_model_export, simplorer_modelica, simplorer_sim, simplorer_sim_entry, simplorer_vhdlams, siwave_gui, siwave_level1, siwave_level2, siwave_level3, symphony_dt_sim, symphony_fd_sim, xlate_catia4, xlate_catia5, xlate_iges, xlate_inventor, xlate_parasolid, xlate_proe, xlate_solidworks, xlate_step, xlate_unigraphics.

Installation of Ansys

There is no Mac OS X version of Ansys.

Installation for Windows PC Instructions

  1. Download 
  2. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the “Ansys” package.

  3. Right click the Ansys package you downloaded and select “Extract Here.” You will need 7zip or a similar extraction utility installed to do this. Once extracted, the folder will be in the same directory.

  4. Enter the extracted Ansys folder

  5. Right-click "setup.bat" which is located inside the folder you extracted and select "Run as administrator." A dialog box will appear for a moment and the install will continue in the background. The install should take about an hour depending on your system.

    (NOTE: If you run into a problem with the setup.bat file, please check the bullet points below or send us an email.)

    Note: You can visually check if the installation process finished in the task manger (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)

  6. To run Ansys, make sure you are connected to a UCR network, campus VPN or the engineering VPN.

  7. If you are using the optional "Discovery Live" Under your Start Menu launch an item under ANSYS Folder labeled "Discovery Licensing Mode Manager".
    Choose the "Floating" mode and enter the server name: "ansys.engr.ucr.edu".

    Please note that the characters will not echo to the screen when you are typing your password.

Troubleshooting / Independent installation.

  • Run the setup.exe file in place of the setup.bat file. Setup.exe is located in the DVD1 folder inside of the Ansys folder.
  • When prompted to choose a path to software, such as CAD, either choose the path to the software on your computer or choose the Read Only / Don't Install option.
  • When the Installer asks for a license, leave all the boxes as default but change the name of the license server to "ansys.engr.ucr.edu"
  • If you experience an error with the license Tools -> Options -> General Options -> General -> Desktop Configuration and check the box to use Pro Premium Enterprise licensing

  • Proceed with the installation until Ansys has been installed.