Welcome New Students!

The following information covers basic questions you might have. All of this information can be found in more detail in our FAQ.
  • For questions regarding Wifi, Campus Email (@ucr.edu), iLearn, and R'web,
    please visit the UCR help desk located on the first floor of the HUB or email them at helpdesk@ucr.edu.
  • Account Creation and Use: As an engineering student, you can create an account through our Account Setup. Your engineering account is used for accessing our online portal for card and group access, using the VPN to check out software licenses, and for lab computer use.

    My Account

  • Changing a password: You can change your password by visiting our "Account Setup" page and selecting the "I have an engineering account, but I forgot my password" option. If you would like to generate a password of your own choosing, follow these guidelines: Changing a Password and Password Policy.
  • Card and Group Access: When creating your ENGR account, you will have been prompted to enter in your 16 digit card number located at the bottom right of your R'card. You can log into the card/group access system to request access from a list of our approved groups. The request will be emailed to the owner of the group or the lab's professor along with a request for group access. Group access is required to log into computers that belong to different labs. Because the request depends on the owner's approval, this can take some time for your request to be approved. CS students should go here for card access.
  • Software: BCOE systems provides most software needed for your classes, located here. For most of the software we provide, you will need to use a VPN to check out a license. Should you need help installing the software, please visit the Bourns help desk located in Bourns A344.


  • Email: When your ENGR account is made, we create an email address for it using "(engr account)@engr.ucr.edu." All emails sent here will be forwarded to your @ucr.edu address. If you are not seeing emails sent here, try sending a test email to the account and see if it shows in R'mail. If not, also try checking your spam folder.