SimSci SimCentral Simulation Platform ™ for Process Utilities, a new platform to manage how processes are engineered across their entire lifecycle. With this platform, users can streamline process utility design, collaborate for process improvement and simplify modeling complexity. Benefits include reduced time and cost, an appealing user experience for the next generation of engineers and accelerated process simulation and design.

Installation of SimCentral Software on a Windows PC

(No mac version available) 

  1. Download the Package
  2. Extract the folder inside using 7zip, winzip, or a similar utility.
  3. Connect to engineering VPN server 
  4. Run "SimSci.SimCentral.SingleEditionSetup.exe", see the troubleshooting section below if you run into any problems.
  5. The installer will complete without asking for a license key, you will need to enter a license key the first time you start SimCentral.
  6. Look for "SimCentral.exe" on your desktop, or search for "SimSci SimCentral" in your search bar.
  7. When prompted for a license, select "FNP 11.13" as the security type, and "" as the server. Make sure you are connected to the VPN server.
  8. Click configure, then close. SimCentral will automatically close to finish configuring.
  9. Relaunch SimCentral to use, make sure you are connected to the engineering VPN.


If you encounter "SimCentral requires 'Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runetime 2010 Redist'" while running the installer, install the necessary components by running SimCentral21/prerequisites/Office/vstor_redist.exe.