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dynsim: Dynamic Process Simulation

Installation of DYNSIM: Dynamic Process Simulation Software

There is no Mac OS X, Windows 8, or Windows 10 version of DYNSIM: Dynamic Process Simulation.

Installation for Windows PC Instructions

  1. Download the Package for Version 5.1 here  or Version 5.2 here
  2. Extract the DYNSIM package, you will need 7zip or a similar extraction utility to do this.
  3. Open an administrator command prompt (you can do this by right clicking on the cmd app)
  4. Navigate to the DYNSIM folder that you extracted. (i.e. if saved to desktop, cd c:\users\myusername\Desktop\DYNSIM)
  5. Run "setupdynsim.bat" which is located inside the folder you extracted
  6. To run DYNSIM, make sure you are connected to the engineering VPN server; login -> username: simsci password: simsci

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