aspenONE Engineering is a market leading suite of products focused on process engineering and optimization. Process modeling analysis and design tools are integrated and accessible through process simulators Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen Plus®. Optimize process designs for energy use, capital and operating costs, and product yield through the use of activated energy, economics, and equipment design during the modeling process.

Windows Version Installation

  1. Download the package here.
  2. Connect to the engineering VPN
  3. Use 7zip to extract the file to your desktop or downloads folder: somewhere it will be remembered.
  4. After the extraction, run command prompt as an administrator by right clicking on the icon.
  5. In the administrative command prompt, type the command "cd" followed by the location of the extracted folder.  Then type silent.bat and the installation will begin.
  6. The installation process will take multiple hours and will run in the background, but it will run whether you see a prompt or not.  You should leave your computer on and not in standby mode for the duration of the installation.
  7. To use Aspen, you must be connected to the engineering VPN to retrieve the license.

*Please Note: Aspen requires a 32-bit version of Microsoft Office for 64-bit operating systems.

Troubleshooting for any licensing issues:

If you encounter a licensing error after you have installed Aspen, make sure you are connected to the engineering VPN and click on the start button and locate the "Aspen" folder in the application list and navigate to "Aspen SLM" to use the Aspen license manager.  In the license manager, select "configure" and click next to get to the configuration page.  In "server," enter ASPEN.ENGR.UCR.EDU and click next until you finish the license configuration.  Once done, try running Aspen.