To control network device sprawl and improve network security, BCOE has the following network connection requirements for all devices (ie: computers, printers, cameras…etc) connected to the BCOE network. When requesting that a device be connected to the BCOE network, the party responsible for the device agrees to the following:
  • Device will kept updated with security fixes and patches
  • Device will be maintained on a reasonable schedule
  • Device will use dhcp to obtain an ip
  • Device will respond to icmp echo requests
    » (ping) from and/or 2607:f290:f:416:: /64
  • Device requiring access from outside BCOE’s network will be placed in a security sandbox which will not allow outgoing connections to BCOE resources;
    » Device will be kept secure
  • Device ip address may be changed to support network upgrades or changes (this would not affect device DNS name)
  • Device name must be unique within the domain and approved
  • Devices that have not been active on the network for 6 months may removed
    » Device that has been removed may lose their DNS name reservation
  • Devices designed to split or multiply ports are not allowed
  • Wireless access points or devices are not allowed, per UCR policy
  • Devices that fail to meet the above requirements may be removed from the network without notice
  • Exceptions to this policy can be granted on a case-by-case bases by the network team and/or your department.

  • Please contact if there are any questions.