Eligibility for access.
  • Student:  Must be enrolled in BCOE or taking a BCOE course.    Account creation done by student on BCOE Systems website (systems.engr.ucr.edu).  Account eligibility validated  through central campus database
  • Researcher, Faculty, Staff:  Must be employed by BCOE or be a BCOE (non-paid) Volunteer.  Account creation accomplished by individual  visiting BCOE System department
    • Don't use your account to make money.
    • Don't modify or break any of the college's hardware or software.
    • Follow the instructions on all of the signs in the labs.
    • Don't let other people use your account or share your password.
    • Your account is University property and may be revoked at any time.
  • Most accounts are good until July of the year you graduate. If you are concerned that your account has expired or is going to expire early, email systems@engr.ucr.edu
  • After Graduation: Your account is suspended after you graduate. As a courtesy, you will be allowed temporary use of your engr e-mail address but all mail must be forwarded to another address.
File Server access:  
  • Each department controls access to its part of the BCOE File Server.  Security settings and access are determined by department administrators and implemented by BCOE Systems staff.
Computer access and user rights: 
  • Student access to department Computational Lab computers lab based on (validated)class enrollment.  Administrator rights to Computational Lab computers reserved for systems staff. 
  • Access to department computers and administrator rights are determined by department administrators. 
  • Access to research lab computers and administrator rights are determined by PI.
Network access: 
  • Computers on BCOE Domain: full access to internet and server resources, limited access to BCOE network segments based on organizational unit access. 
  • Non-Domain computers: limited access to college network and internet or limited access to college network and full access to internet, as determined in collaboration with systems staff.
Campus wireless:
  • Access to UCR wireless network controlled by campus using netID.
Software access:
  • Computer on BCOE Domain: UCR Software Center or web based distribution provides installation of all college provided software.  Additional software may be purchased by the departments or PI, through a UCR approved discount vendor or from other sources.
  • Non-Domain computers: Software provided by web based distribution.  Software provided by web based distribution requires an active internet and VPN connection to use.
VPN access:
  • VPN access is provided to BCOE in partnership with campus.  Access requires an Engineering account in good standing and a campus netID on file with BCOE.  Access violations are monitored by campus, in the event of account suspension, campus remediation process must be completed before VPN access can be restored.
Room Access Cards:
  • Student:  Access to general BCOE spaces granted via student using BCOE Systems website (systems.engr.ucr.edu).   Access is determined by Engineering account classification.
  • Research Lab:  Access determined by PI and implemented by PI’s department
  • Faculty, Staff:  Access to general and restricted areas determined and implemented by home department.