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Connecting to the Computational Servers

The college provides three computational servers for student use both on and off campus.

To access these servers on Windows, you must first download and install an SSH client and an X Server.  Once you have finished downloading the links below, you may watch the Video Tutorial to see how to install and run these programs.

For help accessing the servers from Mac OS X or Linux, please click here.


Note: if the Xming Server or Fonts download is not working, you will have to manually find them on the SourceForge Xming project page or the Xming website.

Video Tutorial

Note: if the video player does not work for you, you may download the PDF instruction guide instead.

Running Programs

Once you have connected to either Storm, Gauss, or Bender using the SSH client, there will be several a number of programs you can run.  Note: always save files that you are working on in your home directory.  To find your home directory path, type the command "echo ~"

Running Matlab

In order to run Matlab, type in the command "matlab"

Running Cadence

In order to run Cadence, type in the command "icfb"

Running Mathematica

In order to run Mathematica, type in the command "mathematica"

Note: if you are running Linux, click here for an alternate way of downloading and installing the Mathematica Font files.

Forwarding your mail account

Make sure you are in your home directory and type in the command:
echo > .forward

Note: Do not forget the period at the front of the forward word.
Checking your account quota

To check your account quota, type in the command "quota -u"

Connecting with Mac OS X / Linux

Connecting to our servers with Mac OS X and Linux will not require any additional software. You will be able to run Matlab or any other program we have available on our servers by starting up a command line application.

  • Mac OS X
    • Run Application X11
    • Type the command: ssh -Y
    • You should now be connected and able to run applications.
  • Linux
    • Open up a shell window (the terminal)
    • Type the command: ssh -X
    • You should now be connected and able to run applications.

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