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BCOE Business Continuity Policy - Business Continuity Website

Computing services at BCOE are distributed over Primary, Secondary and Offsite server rooms.  In the event that a server room is disabled:
  • Primary server room:  File, Mail and Web services would be interrupted.  If the interruption is determined to be for extended period, physical servers could be relocated to restore all services.
  • Secondary server room:  Some research servers would be affected.  If the interruption is determined to be for an extended period, physical servers could be relocated to restore all services.
  • Offsite server room:  Disaster Recovery (DR) services would be affected.
In the event that server hardware was destroyed in the outage, the following hardware may be needed to restore services:
  • Tape drive and server.
  • File Server.
  • A few enterprise class servers.
  • A few desktop PC’s to act as servers.
  • Routing / Switching equipment.


Depending on the level of damage, after new hardware is received:
  • Due to tape restore time, three to four days may be required to restore data and bring up services.
  • Some services may be able to be restored quickly, such as a minimal web presence.
  • These are estimates based on the level of damage and the priorities set during the recovery.


In the event of a mid to long-term BCOE computer services outage, the college’s offsite Disaster Recovery (DR) location will be activated.

1)      Services provided at DR location (since last backup cycle)

  1. Email since DR activation.
  2. Department file server shares.
  3. Unix shell accounts

2)      Access Policy for DR location

  1. Only currently authorized ENGR users with an active ENGR account may access the DR site.
  2. All file data will be provided in a read only form, via web interface or shell account.
  3. Email will be offered in a web based client. 
  4. Current access procedures can be found at which is hosted at our offsite DR location.

3)      DR site deactivation

  1. After normal services are restored users will have 30 days to retrieve any email from the DR site, after which it will be deleted.



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