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The content management system is available for Professors and Research Groups that would like to create research websites. We can set up the site, and give you a brief tutorial on how to update the content. Anyone with a UCR netid can be given access to make updates. If your research group is interested, please email for more information

Creating a personal Web Site

Inside your home directory, there is a folder which can be used to create web pages that can be viewed here:  The web directory is ".html" and you can use the command "cd ~/.html" to go to it and start creating and editing your web pages.

There are several ways to get your web pages set up.  The first would be to use a program called WinSCP (you can download it here, and read a tutorial on using it here) to upload web pages from your local computer to your home directory.  The second option is to create and edit the pages from the command line directly within the SSH client.  Use the command "vi" to edit your files command line.  For example, entering the command "vi index.html" will allow you to create a file named index.html if it does not already exist, or allow you to edit it if it does.  Here is a tutorial on using Vi.

One other consideration is file permissions so that your web pages can be viewed to the outside world.  The .html directory (or any other directory where you put web pages/files that you want accessible be everyone) you must have execute permissions set for user type other. In Linux you would do this by executing the following 2 commands:

chmod 711 .html
chmod 711 ~
chmod 644 index.html

when you are at the root of your home directory.  For any files you create in the .html directory (or any other files where you put web pages/files that you want accessible by everyone) you should give the following permissions:

chmod 644 FileName
chmod 711 DirName

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