University of California, Riverside

Engineering Systems

Unix Commands

a2ps file
lpr file
Send file  to printer queue
cat file Send contents of file to standard ouput
cd dir Change current working directory to dir
date Display current system date and time
diff f1 f2 Show differences between two files f1 and f2
du Show disk usage
pine Read emails
pine login Send email to login
emacs file Start GNU text editor with file loaded
from See who has sent you mail
history Lists shell command history
g++ file GNU C++ compiler. Compiles C++ source file
gcc file GNU C compiler. Compiles C soure file
gdb file GNU symbolic debugger. Debugs executable file
grep expr file Search file for regular expression expr
indent file Pretty-print (indent) C source file
ispell file Interactive spell checker
kill pid Kill process with process id of pid
less file Interactive test file browser. Display file
logout Logout of the system
lpq Display printer queue
lprm num Remove print job num from printer queue
ls List files and directories
make Conditional compilation utility
man command Manual page browser. Display man page for command
mkdir dir Create directory dir
mv f1 f2 Move/rename files from f1 to f2
passwd Change password
ps List current processes
quota -v Check disk quota usage
rm file Remove file
rmdir dir Remove directory dir
talk login Talk to login in real time
touch file Update date/time stamp of file
wc file Display number of characters, words, and lines in file
x Start X Windows
xterm X terminal (X Window application)

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General Campus Information

University of California, Riverside
900 University Ave.
Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-1012

College Information

Engineering Systems
Bourns Hall A344/308


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