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Printing from Windows

Computers on the ENGR domain should map the printers you may use automatically. If you don't have a printer, or the one you need is missing. Start-Run-\\staples.engr.local . Double Click on the desired printer.  

Computers not on the ENGR domain.  Connect to the  VPN server then Start-Run-\\staples.engr.local . Double Click on the desired printer. 

Printing from MAC

Add printer type smb://staples.engr.local/name-of-printer

Printer Access Groups

Some of the printers are controlled by access groups. If you do not have access to a printer belonging to a research group, you will need to email your professor to gain access. Please email the professor requesting access directly, not systems.  


Paper is only provided for Instructional Labs

Electrical Engineering Labs

Email asking for paper and specify the name of the printer and the lab that it is in. You can also stop by WCH RM 137 and ask for paper.

Other Instructional Labs. Non EE and CS

Stop by Bourns Hall A344/308 to get paper.


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