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Home Directory

Your home directory is a directory for your exclusive use where you may store your files. It is the Z drive under Windows and is the directory you are taken to when you log into Linux. All of the files in your home directory are backed up to tape every other night.  There is a limit to the amount of space that you have on your Z drive:

  • Undergraduates have 2 GB available
  • Graduates have 6 GB available
  • Researchers have 10 GB available

Password Changes

You can change your password from any machine on the ENGR network. Instructions can be found on the Security Page

Should you forget the password to your ENGR account, you must go to the systems office in Bourns Hall A344 with Photo ID to reset your password.

Going over quota

If you go over your quota, many problems with your account may occur. Such problems include:

  • Your profile will no longer update.  For example, if you delete a file on your desktop and it reappears when you log in again.
  • You are unable to receive mail.

Delete data from your Z drive to prevent this from happening.  Scroll down to check your current home directory quota.  Note: if you are not forwarding your mail to another email address, mail will also be included in your quota.  Delete unwanted mail in this case to reduce your quota.

Checking your Quota

Log in to,, or and execute the quota -u command. Click here to view the web tutorial on "How to connect to our computational Servers."

Saving space

Deleting files on your Z drive will free up space, however there are some files that you should NOT delete under any circumstances.  Deleting these files or folders will cause serious problems for your account!  They are listed below:

  • .bashrc
  • .profile
  • .forward
  • .procmailrc
  • Maildir/
  • ~snapshot/

Account Restrictions

When you signed up for your account, there was a lot of fine print at the bottom that you were supposed to read. If you didn't read it, this is basically what it says:

  • Don't use your account to make money.
  • Don't modify or break any of the college's hardware or software.
  • Follow the instructions on all of the signs in the labs.
  • Don't let other people use your account or share your password.
  • Your account is University property and may be revoked at any time.

Mapping and Transferring Files

A tutorial has been written explaining how to map your home directory on your personal computer and how to transfer files to and from your home directory.


Most accounts are good until July of the year you graduate. If you are concerned that your account has expired or is going to expire early, email

After Graduation

Your account is suspended after you graduate. As a courtesy, you will be allowed temporarily use you engr e-mail address but all mail must be forwarded to another address.

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